Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Honk if you've had poor customer service from Walgreen's Pharmacy

Though I like to think otherwise, I guess I can be accurately called a fool. "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice," shame on me goes the saying. Well, I have unfortunately been fooled many times by the siren's song of the convenience of the Walgreen's on Government Street in Baton Rouge. On paper the place looks good - excellent location, open 24-hours a day and is operated by a large company that can afford to hire the best management.

Looks are deceiving my friends. All those advantages don't mean shit when you have idiots running the company.

A full day-and-a-half passed between the time my doctor called in a prescription and the time that I went in to pick it up. The prescription was a very simple prescription and was not a controlled substance. Should have been easy money.

Well, I got fooled again. When I got there, there were the usual problems with the "third-party", in this case, the insurance company. The dickhead pharmacist, who makes in excess of $100k per year and has at least 6 years of formal schooling, didn't seem to understand some very uncomplicated medication and how to handle the prescription. To make a long story short, he couldn't even operate his own company's "system."

Actually, there were no problems with the "system" - only with the people operating it. My doctor's orders had been improperly entered into the "system" by an obviously incompetent, poorly-educated, obese staff. Also,the "pharm tech" took people out of order in line too - showing a certain favoritism that I cannot attribute to anything rationally - thereby infuriating other customers who had been waiting in line while she groove to the piped in music. Clearly neither she nor the pharmacist gave a shit about anything.

However, some people receive excellent and prompt service. While I struggled to getting my script filled, the pharmacy took care of the problems a prisoner's prescription was experiencing forthrightly. The "pharm tech" (who are generally jokes to begin with) was grooving to the overly-loud crappy taped store music and laughing and acting a fool while fixing some problems with the thug's prescription. At the same time, she was flirting with the prison representative who was picking up the choirboy's prescription. There was love in the air! Two fat pigs sharing a "moment". Charming.

Nearing the boiling point, I refrained from using poor language (lord I wanted to cuss so damned bad) and asked for a copy of the script. I will take it somewhere else to fill tomorrow.

Now I don't really give a fuck about the type of music a 24-hour pharmacy play as long as I get my prescription properly filled. Further, I don't really give a shit about fat people working as pharmacy techs or assholes that happen to be pharmacists. All I want is the prescription that I am paying for to be dispensed properly.

I am not going to get into names here. The persons involved will know exactly who they are should they read this. Otherwise it is immaterial. I just write this as information to my readers - there are other pharmacy options. For the future, I shall solely deal with independent pharmacies. Fuck the corporate goons and idiots. Let them deal with prescriptions for prisoners. They seem to like these better.


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