Monday, September 19, 2011

Size Matters

You got a full-sized problem, you need a full-sized gun.

Small handguns are all the rage with the very popular concealed carry permits. I have never been a big fan of concealed carry permitting. Thugs don't follow any laws and law abiding citizens have to jump through all sorts of hoops for "state sanctioned" personal protection. Just doesn't sound right to me.

Anyways, small, concealable guns have proliferated like mushrooms after a rainstorm in a field of cow crap. Now EVERY major manufacturer HAS to offer at least one pocket handgun in either a semi-auto or revolver configuration.

How many times have we heard, the gun you have with you is better than the one in your safe? This is true. Better to have that .32 in hand rather than wish you had your 1911 locked up safely in your safe back home.

Personally, I don't like the "feel" of a small gun in my hand. The stocks are always too small for my hands and a lot of times the slide/action bites the web of my hand. Again, better than nothing, but far from ideal.

With a good shoulder holster, you can carry a full-size in most any weather. A belly band will get you by in hot weather. In really hot weather, a small of the back holster works good.

It all comes down to odds. Odds are you will never NEED a gun. Further odds are the gun you have with you will be just fine if you need a gun. But when you REALLY need one, wouldn't you want a nice full-sized pistol that feels good in your hand complete with a 33-round mag and another 33-round mag in reserve, both loaded with +P+ goodness?

I thought so.