Saturday, March 14, 2009

Government lists - Sudafed

Cry me a river. Meth heads are cooking their brains. now you have to sign onto a government watch list to get Sudafed- the ONLY decongestant that really works.

The fact that meth heads are burning down their trailers, well it doesn't bother me. That is their business, not mine. Couldn't care less. Just don't take away my medication. So I am therefore against all such "lists". Lists always start out innocently, until something happens and they are used for something bad.

"Officer Taggleberry, run these names on the sudafed list and see what hits we can come up with," Chief Friendly orders.

Fast forward to a few hours later, "Chief, got some hits." "Good, let's round them up. We need a few more arrests to justify the tac team."

You have just been identified and targeted. Soon a tragedy will unfold.

A few days later, 9 officers, decked out in full assault gear board three vans. They are dressed in black, body armor, elbow and knee pads, plate carrier, gas masks, and are armed with an MP-5, a 14-inch shotgun for breaching/CQB, and HK 416s (only the best for your tax dollars) They are escorted by two cruisers with ordinary uniformed police (the guys who want to join the SWAT team but who need to "put in their time" doing the grunt work first).

You and your girlfriend are peacefully sleeping. Well, maybe not so peacefully, because you are snoring like a band saw because of your stopped up sinuses and your gf is aggravated so she has gone to sleep on the couch.

As they approach the house at 3:30 am, they don't identify themselves nor do they ask questions as two burly guys just ram your door in. Then, two other members perform a "dynamic entry". The immediately shoot your pooch, who was laying on the floor by the door. Your girlfriend, jumps up screaming. One of the troopers cuts loose with the MP-5 and guns down your gf. The 9mm bullets are not frangible so the penetrate the drywall and kill your infant daughter.

At this point, you, having no clue what is going on, and knowing whatever it is, it ain't good, grab your trusty AK and confront the situation. You don't have time to don your vest because things are happening too fast. You don't even have time to put on a pair of boxers.

Rounding the corner into the living room, you see masked intruders and you start plugging away. Most of your rounds hit the officers chicken plates, but a few get through and injure/kill a couple officers. The return fire from the remaining .223 rounds from the HK 416a riddles you like a sieve.

Two dead officers, three injured ones, your dog shot, your gf riddled with bullets, infant dead and you are bleeding out.

All because you had a stuffy nose and bought medication.

It happens....

(this is not one incident but rather comprise of several events that actually have taken place)

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