Monday, February 9, 2009

No Social Compact

at all between workers and management and ownership and executives.

Can't lump all "managment" into one pot. Good management is one of the biggest reasons for corporate success. A lot of times, that comes from strong middle to lower upper level managers. Good upper management is crucial - the vision and getting everyone behind it and to ensure profitablity. Nor can we lump "wealth" into a one-size-fits-all category of greed. I personally know many very wealthy people who are the salt of the earth.

The disconnect seems to come, however, at large companies and upper levels of government (often one in the same) at, at the "executive" level, who can always point to "for the benefit of shareholders" as an excuse for any sorry a$$ed actions they take. They tend to have a very strong nose for profits, quite namely their own. And tend to disdain paying taxes, often their personal ones.

Often, they take a dim view of actually performing any "work" because they take a lot of time sitting on other companies boards of directors setting other executives salaries. It's only fair and proper because they are in turn sitting on his board (at his behest) and setting his compensation. Turnabout is fair play. I mean they all living in the same places, recreate with each other's wives and sig others, drive the same sorts of cars, vacation at the same places, consume the same cuisine, use the same limo companies, share the same tailors, speak with the same Mid-Atlantic accent that our forefathers left the English shores because of, boat builders and other such emoluments.

However, for the hoi polloi, they give lectures concerning the danger of entitlements, the value of a good work ethic, the need to reduce corporate profits to exposure along with a host of other goodie-goodie-two-shoes "common sense" directives. When questioned about these activities, the executives are quick to respond by saying "Comrade, science has proven this is good...."

It is only natural that they play one-upsmanship with each other. Pity the executive who cannot keep up with the Jones...or the Thains. Why, pray tell, didn't I just say "share the same emoluments" in the first place saving the reader and myself valuable time. It is because there is a certain value seeing things spelled out in plain English. Because only then can we see the true value of what we have been ripped off of. Just remember this when you get hit with that AMT, hit with the "RIF" axe, or struggle in your daily toils.

Call me jaded, but I have worked in big companies and small companies and they all seem to work the's a rip off. If we're not careful, we just might find out how thin the veneer of civilization really is. Pitchforks and torches are not nice things.

A pox on such creatures one and all.

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